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Friday, March 8, 2013

Handmade Fabric Greeting Cards

Hello All:

I needed a birthday card and just refused to pay $5-$10 for a  card from the Market or Drug Store.  So, I decide to make my own card using fabric and my sewing machine

Of course, I had to consult my personal library  the World Wide Webvia Google.  I, actually, found many good posts and blogs about the subject.

I decide to make my card like a string quilt on fondation.  My foundation was piece was a piece of tear-a-way stablizer along with an used store bought card as my template.

I sewed strings of fabric to the stablizer and then glued the stabilize to card stock and then zig-zag along the edges on to the card stock and card.....Bing-Bang-Bong!!

I had a handmade card.  I made a zipper ponch to be the envelop using my walking foot on my Singer machine.  The Birthday Girl who is a big Ravens fan has a card and new zippered make-up bag.....Cool!

By the way, the scraps of fabric are re-cyled fabrics......Really --Cool

Materials cost:  $3.00 (including thread, needles, and strips)- Card
                                    (zipper and pre-quilted mateial 1/3 yard) - make bag (remnant from 2 years ago)

Time: 40 minutes

Results:  Priceless